artist AI literacy workshops and etical AI artist collaborations

University of Alaska Anchorage

From September through November 2023 the University of Alaska Anchorage hosted an exhibition of images from the first 15 astronaut horse artist collaborations in addition to a week of daily 3 hour AI / machine learning literacy workshops for students, university staff and community members.

The show was organized by Tom Betthauser, Prof. Thomas Chung, Prof. Steven Godfrey, Prof. Alanna Derocchi and Hans Hallinen who curated and hung the exhibition.

Strange Loop Conference

A presentation / talk on the images produced during the first year of astronaut horse Stable Diffusion artist collaborations. Talk organized and presented by Tom Betthauser. Images presented from all artist collaborations produced with the help of astronaut horse contributers.

Axis Gallery

For the month of October 2023 Axis gallery in Sacramento CA hosted an exhibition of selected images from the first 12 months of astronaut horse Stable Diffusion artist collaborations in addition to an artist talk on the project and an AI / machine learning literacy workshop for artists, art students and community members.